Service Opportunities


Community Service

Fishcreek Church of the Nazarene is strategically located along a well traveled road in Stow. We see many people who will stop in needing assistance in some way and use our Helping Hands Ministry to supply some of these needs. While we do not provide cash, we do attempt to maintain a well stocked food pantry that may be of help to those in our surrounding community seeking assistance. If you have items to contribute or wish to purchase grocery or other supplies for our pantry please call the church office @ 330-673-8538.

Church Family Opportunities

From time to time we become aware of serious material needs within our own church family. Sometimes the needs are mechanical; sometimes home repair is needed by those unable to acquire the resources; we may become aware of someone simply needing a friend.  If you might have a skill, or resources available to share, or simply time to offer counsel or just to listen, please call the church office @ 330-673-8538 so that the proper connection can be made when needed.

Parking Lot Assistance

We are in need of volunteers to assist some of our older attenders who need assistance parking their car in inclement weather.  Whether snow, ice, or heavy rain, we should be ready to assist those at risk in such days to feel free to come and worship knowing there will be caring people ready to help them reach the church interior by meeting their car at the front of the church, parking their vehicle in the surrounding lot and returning their keys afterwards. If the severe weather continues there should be someone staying after service at least long enough to make sure any such need is met.  If you might be willing to volunteer for this service, again let one of our staff members know.

Other Opportunities to Serve Your Church Family

Be in prayer asking God's wisdom in supplying needed care in our church family.  A ride to the grocery store for those who do not drive, or to a Dr.'s appointment for those unable to drive either temporarily or permanently.  There will always be those in our midst who are simply unable to perform many of the tasks we often take for granted.