Sunday School

We offer a number of classes for people of all ages to be involved in Bible Study. They all gather for study on Sunday mornings at 9:30 A.M. 



Club 252 - growing kids in wisdom, faith, and friendship (Luke 2:52).

Naz Babies (infants - 36 months) are loved and cared for so parents can have time to focus on their own spiritual growth.

Naz Juniors (3 years old - kindergarten) have a blast learning the heros of the Old and New Testament in age-appropriate ways, which means in an active way!  They have a lesson, play games, sing songs, and eat snacks so that you have time to learn and grow too!

Naz Kidz (1st - 3rd grade) and Naz Crew (4th - 6th grade) have much to do in Club 252!  They worship, pray, learn foundational Biblical Truths, and of course - play and eat!




Junior High (7th - 8th grade)

Senior High (9th - 12th grade)


Fishcreek Naz Youth meet together at 9:30 a.m. in their Teen Room.  They enjoy a breakfast snack together, play pool, play foosball, and hang out together.  Next, they go over announcements and upcoming events.  The youth then split into junior high and senior high for their Bible study and prayer time.

Junior High meets in the Teen Cafe area.  In the past recent months they have studied the Nazarene curriculum and books like Exodus. 

Senior High stays in the Teen Room for their study.  In the past they have studied things such as Genesis, Revelation, and Demolishing Strongholds by Answers in Genesis.

The journey through our Children and Youth Christian Education ministries will prepare the young but gifted minds of those entrusted to us with a Christian worldview backed by solid biblical and reasoned understanding. The church's young people should have confidence as they respond to the challenges of our increasingly chaotic culture.



Adult Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday morning offers four opportunities for study.

The College and Careers, 18 yrs. and up, are taught by Jim Kurtz. The group is expanding their understanding and knowledge of the Bible, discussing what God's Word has to say about topics relevant to what they are facing today and learning to apply God's truth and principles in their daily lives. They enjoy fellowship together and support of each other.

The "MarriedPeople Homebuilders" are taught by John and Amanda Hilkert. The class alternates between a parenting or marriage DVD teaching series. We use curriculum from various sources including Focus on the Family, Family Life today, and other well-known Christian speakers. 

The Middle Adults are taught by Chuck Rhinehart and studies different books in the Bible.  Discussion is pertinent to how we live our lives today based on His Word to make an impact in the world around us. Chuck is an able teacher and teaches one of the largest classes in our Christian Education ministry.

The Senior Adults remain consistent in their study from our Church of the Nazarene Publishing House curriculum. They alternate teaching responsibilities between seasoned lay teachers as well as retired pastors attending their class.

Every adult class has students from outside their typical age demographic. So whoever you are and whatever your interest, there are no obstacles in choosing the course of study that would be the most helpful.



Teaching a Child