Marriage Ministry



MarriedPeople Marriage Ministry 

Because marriage matters to God, to the couple and to our children.

It does not matter if you are planning on getting married OR if you have been married                                        one year OR 61 years, this ministry is for you.

A lot of times couples have tension and disappointment in their marriage, and they aren't even really sure why. It is really difficult to know how to fix something, when we don't understand what is broken. Through this ministry you can make a better connection to figure out what is really going on, be it big or small.


The Theme this year for MarriedPeople is CLEAR - Marriage is tough- we can connect with each other if we get CLEAR. There are four parts of this ministry:


  • MarriedPeople - Homebuilders - Sunday School Class  


  • MarriedPeople Monthly - Ezine that is distributed each month via email


  • MarriedPeople Date Nights - Suggestions for date nights are handed out to couples.


  • MarriedPeople Live - Saturday night events. Scheduled events are held here at Fishcreek and include dinner and child care. 


For Questions Contact John & Amanda Hilkert (