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MarriedPeople Marriage Ministry 

Because marriage matters to God, to the couple and to our children.

It does not matter if you are planning on getting married OR if you have been married                                   one year OR 61 years, this ministry is for you.

A lot of times couples have tension and disappointment in their relationship, and they aren't even really sure why. It is really difficult to know how to fix something, when we don't understand what is broken. Through this ministry you can make a better connection to figure out what is really going on, be it big or small.

We seek to put God at the center of our relationships.  We learn together to align our perspectives to God's view of how marriage should work.  Being married can sometimes feel overwhelming, so we rely on the Holy Spirit to guide how we live and interact with one another. We invite God to work with us and in us so that we can be a blessing in our homes. 

There are three ways to participate in this ministry:

  • MarriedPeople Homebuilders Sunday School Class: We meet each week at 9:30am and alternate between parenting and marriage DVD teaching series. We use curriculum from various sources including Focus on the Family, Family Life today, and other well-known Christian speakers.  We hope you can join us for biblical teaching and discussion that will enrich your relationships. Here are some of the resources we use to discuss:
  • MarriedPeople Date Nights - Suggestions for date nights are shared with couples to encourage time together.
  • MarriedPeople Live - These are held several times throughout the year.  They are typically held on Saturday or Sunday evenings and include dinner, childcare, games, and a lesson.


For Questions Contact John & Amanda Hilkert (


MarriedPeople focuses on creating 4 core habits:

  • Love God First
  • Practice Your Promise
  • Respect and Love
  • Have Serious Fun!